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Question #12: Why does weight loss take so long and barely last?

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It is far easier to add calories to our bodies, than it is to remove them.

For instance, it is possible, and many of us probably do so with quite regularly, to add 100+ calories to our bodies in under one second – one mouthful of a ghee soaked halwa/dessert. Most of us out there will need to walk briskly for between 15 to 30 minutes to get rid of the calories gained during that one second of pleasure! Considering this basic fact, we need to be selective about what we eat and how much we ultimately end up ingesting during the course of a day.

The other reason weight loss barely lasts, is because we lose weight without actually changing our lifestyles. The reason we put on excess weight is our lifestyle. When we lose weight, we usually suspend that lifestyle for a while to ‘diet’. After we’re done with our (usually unhealthy, badly designed) diets, we continue our lifestyles, which does the same as what it did earlier – cause us to gain weight.

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