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Question #8: Why am I not losing weight even after controlling my diet and exercising regularly?

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We gain weight due to caloric over consumption, which we can define as the intake of calories over and above the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. BMR in turn is the amount of energy required to keep our bodies functioning and varies from individual to individual. In my experience, not losing weight even after controlling one’s diet and exercising regularly, happens due to the following reasons:

  • Flawed knowledge of food and nutrition
  • Inadvertent consumption of food
  • Medical issues
  • Over reliance on exercise
  • Build-up of muscle

Remember, weight loss is mostly achieved through diet for most of us. While exercise does play a supporting role by creating mental precedents, priming the metabolism and toning the muscles which will further contribute to calorie burn by the body, at the end of the day, a supporting role is all it will ever play within the context of weight loss for most people. The real star for most of us is and will remain diet. If you’re small in height, then exercise becomes more important to your journey.

Emotional eating however, which is a known disorder, could interfere and must be treated if present. So, taking exercise and medical issues out of the picture, and noting that weight loss is primarily due to the under-consumption of calories, if you are indeed controlling your diet, then it stands to reason that you’re either eating the wrong sort of foods (with or without portion control) or you’re under reporting / estimating your casual eating or snacking patterns.

I suggest writing a detailed log of everything that you eat or drink and then re-examine what you’re eating and how much… and see a doctor just in case your weight gain is due to undetected medical issues.

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