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Question #7: How can I lose weight without diet or exercise?

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It is indeed possible to lose weight without diet or exercise.

To begin with, why do we gain weight? We gain weight by eating more calories than we need. The basic number of calories we need to keep our bodies functioning is called Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR. Eating more than this is likely to increase stored body fat and eating less than this is likely to reduce stored body fat.

Generations of ill-read neighbourhood nutritionists have created the impression that when on a ‘diet’ all we’re allowed to eat are bland, flavourless foods. That’s entirely incorrect! ‘Diet’ merely refers to what you eat and if you’re on a diet, it means you’re watching what you’re eating and how much of it. You can lose weight and get complete nutrition without eating Marie biscuits (seriously?!) and boiled chana every day.

Once read and understood, you will know that eating the right type and quantity of foods is key to maintaining a healthy weight. The answer to this question therefore, is portion control combined with awareness of the caloric content of foods. Portion control is about ingesting measured amounts of food and caloric awareness will allow you the understanding that a bowl of lentils or vegetables and another of fries are very different from a nutritional and caloric point of view.


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