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Question #5: Is there a perfect diet to lose weight?

How I wish something like this were possible. One the other hand, I’m also fairly certain that if such a diet did exist, the majority of us would either ignore its existence or deny its utility.

Ultimately, caloric over-consumption is the reason we gain weight, which means, eating more calories during a day than we burn in the same period [1]. Now, the term ‘over-consumption’ is a relative one that depends upon the caloric requirement of the individual it is being applied to. For instance, if I require 2000 calories a day as per my BMR, and you require 1650 calories a day as per your BMR, the term ‘over-consumption’ will mean anything above 2000 for me and anything above 1650 for you. [2]

This being the case, it also means that a single, perfect, weight loss diet simply cannot exist.


  1. When I eat more than I need, what happens to the extra calories?
  2. How can I increase my BMR?
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