14 Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

I routinely see comments about vegetarian folks tired of eating paneer / cottage cheese for protein and who would love to know of other sources of protein. Here’s a list of sources of protein for vegetarians. Please tap the table headers to sort the contents.

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FoodProtein (gm)
Soy flour51.4
Peanuts, oil roasted28.03
Soybeans, boiled18.2
Tomatoes, sun dried14.1
Wheat flour, whole grain13.2
Egg, hard boiled12.6
Paneer, non-fat10.3
Lentils, boiled9.0
Lentil, sprouts, raw8.9
Chickpeas, cooked8.9
Kidney beans, boiled8.7
Split peas, boiled8.3
Peas, green, raw5.4
Source: USDA Nutrient Database, SR 28
Portion size: 100 grams

This table

  • contains practical sources of protein. This means it may contain paneer/cottage cheese, of which it is possible to practically consume 100 gm in a day, it will not contain butter (just an example, there's not that much protein in there) of which consuming a 100 gm in a day just isn't feasible.
  • also contains eggs, which many vegetarians now include in their diets.
  • is not a complete list and includes a limited number of suggestions. There are more.
  • is based on searching the above data source for protein and including the top vegetarian sources, in order to find which I have to write computer programs, and which by their nature can contain errors. Please always double check from the source mentioned in case I've made a mistake.

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