10 Vegetables You Thought Diabetics Couldn’t Eat

Here’s a list of vegetables that we think aren’t suitable for consumption by diabetics, but can be, in the right portion sizes. In the table below, GL is Glycemic Load and GI is Glycemic Index You can sort the table whichever way you want by tapping the table headers. Are you excited about potatoes and sweet corn?

Learn more about Glycemic Load and Index

Carrots, raw80 gm692
Sweet corn on the cob80 gm848
Sweet corn, boiled80 gm1160
Pumpkin, boiled80 gm375
Potato, boiled, refrigerated, re-heated150 gm823
Sweet potato, boiled150 gm1144
Taro/Arbi, peeled, boiled150 gm448
Green plantain, peeled, boiled 10 min120 gm939
Beetroot80 gm 464
Yam, peeled, boiled150 gm925
Source: University of Sydney
URL: http://www.glycemicindex.com/
GL = Glycemic Load
GI = Glycemic Index
For simplicity and caution, in the case of multiple variants, the variant with the higher GL/GI has been included in this table. Please pay attention to the portion size, which is important. These items have been included in this list due to their having a low to low-moderate Glycemic Load. Please however test your blood sugar and gauge your body's unique response to these foods before continued consumption to ensure they work for you. Please also note, this list may not be complete. Please look up the Glycemic Index of foods you wish to eat or believe are safe if they're not included in this table. If the Glycemic Load is 10 or below, they're probably alright for diabetics.

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