Are you getting enough Calcium?

Most of us need about 1000 to 1500 mg of Calcium each day. While quite a few of us may know this, many of us don’t really get all the calcium we need. Calcium is a particularly important micro-nutrient for young children and women heading towards menopause and plays a vital role in the growth of children and bone health in older adults.

If you eat all the following foods across a day, you’ll get about 1000 mg of Calcium:

  • 2 servings of broccoli (120mg Calcium per 110g serving = 240mg)
  • 1 serving of yogurt (260mg Calcium per 200g serving = 260mg)
  • 1 serving of spinach (310mg Calcium per 210g serving = 310mg)
  • 1 serving of cow’s milk (240mg Calcium per 200ml serving = 240mg)

Do you plan your meals for maximum nutrition? Share your plans and thoughts with us.



6 thoughts on “Are you getting enough Calcium?

    1. Green leafy vegetables and dairy are your best bets IMO, Mahuya. If you don’t eat them every day, please consider doing so. They’re easy to incorporate into meals and when properly done, are barely noticeable by those who don’t like them.

  1. The question should be how many of us track the calcium, vitamins or any other minerals in food we are eating? I believe that most of us eat what we like or we get or asked by doctor

    1. That is right – we tend to follow existing patterns of dietary inclusions and only consider breaking them when asked to do so by doctors. Whatever the answer to your question, more of us ought to be looking at micro nutrient balancing and completing our daily RDAs by being more mindful of what we eat, how we cook and store foods among other considerations.

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